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There, Raul learns just what secret it is that Aenea carries that makes the Pax so afraid of her, and their journey comes to a dramatic climax in the Vatican, where they confront the Pope, and seemingly meet their respective destinies.

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Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. My overall opinion of this trilogy is that the universe created by Simmons is incredibly imaginative and well built, very detailed. The stories are very interesting and well written.

The Rise of Endymion Book. Reviews, Audio book and PDF

And I feel like skipping a few pages to see what happens. That is why I believe this would translate very well into a series or a few movies. All those details would truly help to build the universe and narrative visually. The Hyperion cantos isn't a trilogy, it's comprised of 4 books so you still have Rise of Endymion to read and enjoy.

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My mistake, I don't know why I thought this was the last one. I'll try to find the energy for the last one because I like the story but it's not the easiest to read! The kinda Tales of Cantenbury style pilgrimage with geniounely moving stories.

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  • Books : Meh. Timey-wimey boring stuff.

    The Rise of Endymion

    A little bit. I decided to read them all because I liked the first one very much. And now I have this thing that I need to finish what I started. Not like I don't like them, but it's not the same need to read. I agree. I mean the characters are great, and plot is good but it becomes waay too reliant on time travel for my liking the further you go, which immensely decreased the enjoyment I had of it IMO the only way time travels works in books is "Let's go back in past to have adventures".

    I think Back to the Future is the only exception to that rule I actually enjoyed. I enjoyed the story telling in book 1 as far as it went, but I was really disappointed that the author committed the cardinal sin of not completing a story arc within a volume ie. Consequently I gave up on the series, as I expected more of the same I like it a lot and it's a good series.

    But it's always seemed doofy how obvious the series started as "I'm going to make a sci-fi retelling of the canterbury tales" then he just kinda forgot or got bored by that and just did something else instead. So it leaves the early part of the story sort of orphaned. Despite these 2 irritating points, this book is still very solid and it leads to a very satisfying ending. The Hyperion Cantos 9.

    Some final remarks. Catholicism is mostly portrayed as an evil religion. Especially in the final 2 books this can be problematic.

    Space Opera with Brains - Endymion by Dan Simmons BOOK TALK

    Several characters are exceptions to this, but they are only redeemed in the last book near the ending. It's remarkable and some might argue distasteful how Simmons favors this religion more appropriately labeled 'lifestyle', as the Buddha is not a God.

    Hyperion, The Fall of Hyperion, Endymion, The Rise of Endymion

    Simmons has a good understanding of philosophy and this is noticeable. However, it can lead to philosophy discussions between the main characters that are sometimes carried on for pages. Be warned. If you don't like it, you might be annoyed by tracts of 19th century poetry mostly by Keats , old Asian koan-style tracts which are sometimes carried on for pages and the eponymous Hyperion cantos written by one of the main characters. Sadness, melancholy, happiness, but also rage and anger. Some chapters are rage inducing for example because of the atrocities that are perpetrated.

    Has anyone else finished this series? If so, what are your thoughts? Sparrow Journeyed there and back again Aug 3, I would mostly agree with your assessment of the first two books, but as the story evolves it begins to lose some structure; as is the case with almost every long running series I've read, from Dune to Ringworld, the story just seems to meander and branch off too many times. I'm a big fan of 'narrative arc' Lord of the Rings is a great example of narrative arc I will say one thing, technically speaking, Dan Simmons is one of the most literate SF writers ever.

    Hyperion Cantos

    The quality of the prose is amazing, and without being heavy or unwieldy. Perhaps the reason I didn't enjoy the later books as much as you, is because I went months between books instead of reading it from first to last, all within a short time span. Sparrow said:.

    The Endymion books were very good, but they lacked the awesomeness that I was feeling when reading Hyperion and Fall of Hyperion. Can't describe it better - sometimes you just know when you're reading something special.